Top 10 Tips Best Security For Your Home

Your home is a sanctuary where you can feel safe and secure. While there is probably little you can do to protect your home from the professional thief, there is are several things you can do to protect you and your home from the opportunist amateur thief.

To keep your home is safe and secure here are some simple security tips you can use.


Make Sure Your Home Appears Occupied

If your home looks like there is nobody in then, it is a potential target for the opportunist thief. A deterrent is to have lights come on at different times around the home. If you install some timer switches around the house, these can be programmed to turn lights and radios on and off at different times when you are out of the home.

Lock up your Home

Even if you are only out of your home for a short period, it is always best to lock your doors and windows. This advice applies even if you are out in the garden. An open door or window is an invitation for the opportunist thief to enter your home and help themselves to your possessions.

Change the locks

When you move into your new home, you should consider changing all the locks. You don’t know who had access to the keys, and they may have made copies of your keys without your knowledge. Similarly, if you lose your keys, you should also consider changing all the locks. Replacing all of the locks will ensure you home has the best security.

Ensure you have locks on all your windows and doors

Make sure that all your windows have key operated window locks. Doors should have locks that conform to the British Standard. Any door lock should be a mortise deadlock and preferably a 5-lever lock. Even if you have locks on windows or doors, it is important that you ensure that windows and doors are secured before you go to bed or leave the home. Just as important, don’t leave the keys in the locks. Make sure that the keys are out of site but accessible should you need to get to them in an emergency.

You can get more information on the different types of locks and locksmiths from Lockout Safety.

Don’t leave your keys outside in a safe place

Don’t leave a spare key outside your home. Hiding a key in a safe place such as under a mat, in a plant pot or strung up on a nail in the garage is a bad idea. These are all obvious places where any key might be easily located.

Security Alarms

Think about fitting a good home security system. Burglars are more likely to avoid homes if they believe it has an alarm system. They want to avoid drawing any attention to themselves so any noise will scare them away.

If you have an alarm, and it is faulty make sure you get it fixed quickly. Let neighbours know that it has been fixed as people tend to ignore alarms that go off frequently.

Lighting the outside of your home

Installing infra-red lighting around your home will help scare off anyone thinking of breaking in. If the entrance to your home is dark, then sensor lighting will act as a deterrent. Most thieves want to avoid being seen trying to break into a home. Having sensor lighting outside is also one way of reducing the places available for any thief to hide.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Keeping expensive items like car keys, computers, mobile phones and jewellery out of sight is one way of keeping your home secure. Also, when installing a TV, it is worth thinking about where you position it. To secure your home, you want to avoid anyone being able to see items from the outside. Also, if you have expensive items delivered, see if you can get any packaging removed at the same time. Leaving the packaging outside in your waste bin is a sign for the burglar that you have expensive new items in your home.

Consider installing CCTV

We are all aware that each day cameras are watching what we are doing. So are burglars. If you install CCTV cameras by doors and windows, it will make a thief think twice about your home as they will want to avoid being captured on camera. If you use a fake camera, it is important to make sure that they are good enough to make the burglar believe that they are real. You want the thief to think they are being recorded.

Do not advertise your absence

Another way of securing your home is not to leave a note on the door for the delivery man. This is a clear signal that you are not at home. Also don’t post photos of your holiday on Facebook or other similar sites until you get back. You want to avoid advertising that your home is empty.

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